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Surfside Laundromat is a coin operated laundry chain located in Oceanside, CA.  We have several different machine options to satisfy your laundry needs.  Our equipment is a mix of high efficiency machines of all sizes.  We even have washers that will handle 6 loads at a time.  The laundromats are clean and well maintained with plenty of folding space.

Washers and Dryers
  • Clean and well maintained
  • Mix of washers that will handle 2 loads up to 6 loads
  • Top Load and Front Load Washers
  • High Efficiency Machines that use less water and consume less energy 
  • Plenty of available dryers to meet your needs
About us...


We pride oursleves on maintaining a safe environment that is clean and well maintained.  Our stores are well lit with ample parking.  Our laundries operate with coins, so no need to purchase services when you don't need it.



  • Refreshments and snack vending machines

  • Soap Vending

  • High Definition TV

  • Coin Changers

  • Plenty of Laundry Carts

  • Free WiFi

  • Video Monitored

  • Plenty of Folding Space



Wash Tips



  • Use High Efficiency "HE" Soap - If you oversoap, your clothes will not rinse well.  Please read the label on your detergent carefully.  HE soap is meant to handle large loads and reduce suds, so that washables rinse well.

  • When loading the machines, keep the washables loose and NOT packed in tightly.  This will allow the washer to work efficiently and provide a excellent clean.

  • Dryers should only be half full for a more efficient dry.

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